You can book our Private Rooms by first visiting our Private Room information page at this link:

Simply choose the location you'd like to book a space at, and select the "Book Now" button.  You can also view short descriptions and a photo of each our Private Rooms at the location from this page. Once you've selected "Book Now", you'll be able to select the room you'd like to book, view available dates and times, and reserve your room!

A credit card is required in order to reserve your booking. No deposit is charged at the time of booking; we'll only charge the card provided for a no-show fee if you do not cancel your reservation at least 72 hours in advance, or if you fail to show for your reservation. The no-show fee is 50% of your total booking charge; rates vary by location and room reserved. Check the "Book Now" page details for more information. (You may see a temporary authorization to your card in the amount of $1.00 from Flexbooker; this authorization is only made to confirm the card is valid and is typically reversed within 24 hours)

Once the booking is complete you will receive a confirmation email with the date, time, and name of the room you booked. To cancel or make changes to your reservation, use the link that you received with your confirmation email. To make booking easier for future reservations, click the “Sign-In” link on the booking portal. From here, you can create an account and have your personal information auto-filled for future reservations.  

Note: You cannot call Mox Boarding House to make a reservation, the booking portal must be used to make any changes to your Private Room reservation.